Recruitment Services

I specialise in the recruitment and personality profiling of sales,marketing,management and IT support staff. I can also find staff for your administration staff.

By utilising DISCUS Personality Profiling and the Seligman Attributional  Style Questionnaire (SASQ) we can establish not only the right fit for the job, but the relationship between an Optimistic Attitude and sales success. In the Insurance Industry, for example:

  • Optimistic sales advisors outsell the pessimists by 38%
  • Extremely optimistic advisors outsell the extreme pessimists by 88%
  • Pessimistic advisors are twice as likely to quit as optimists
  • Extremely pessimistic advisors are three times more likely to quit than extreme optimists

Let me help you find the right person for the job, and assist you in establishing what can be done for your current sales team to improve on their performance.

The cost of bad hiring decisions runs high, and we can reduce the risks by being able to make a decision on a well proven  scientific basis – as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to the wrong hiring decision.



We will provide a free Personality Profile Analysis valued at R890.00 for successfully placed candidates.


All applicants are carefully interviewed and selected by our consultants before they are recommended for a position in a client’s business.

The final choice of candidate is made by the client.

The engagement of an applicant introduced by us will be deemed to be the acceptance of the terms set out in these conditions of placement.


Occasionally, despite careful selection, an applicant will leave the post to which he/she has been appointed within a relatively short period of time. To protect our clients, we issue the following guarantee with each appointment.

If we are unable to find a suitable replacement, you will receive a refund of the fee paid on the following basis. If the applicant leaves your employ within the following periods the % of the fee refunded will be:-

1st Month……..75%
2nd Month……..50%
3rd Month……..25%

This guarantee is subject to:-

Immediate notification of termination of employment (within 7 days).
Payment of the placement fee within 30 days of invoice.
The termination of service is not a result of retrenchment, redundancy or reduction of staff.
Sales Recruitment and Profiling’s liability from any cause whatsoever is limited to the amounts set out in the above guarantee.